About Us

Early morning seabus before touring in the coast mountainsGreg Reynen

A winter without skiing or school, a first since 1992. After mastering applied science while exploring the Coast Mountains by weekend, I’ve decided to join Lindsay on a well-deserved trip to much of Eastern Europe, the Trans-Siberian Railway, and Southeast Asia. An Ontario native, I hope to cash in our couch-surfing karma for some firsthand experiences of day-to-day life along the way. The first portion of our trip is self-propelled in Eastern Europe by bike, about 5100 km, where I look forward to watching the seasons change when I’m not dodging cars in cities that weren’t built for the overloaded cycle-tourist.

*UPDATE Dec. 17, 2012: In the end we completed 3200 km of cycling before the lack of daylight was making continuation unattractive. Another month of travelling together and then the decision to go on alone has led to us both being home for Christmas. Updates as we continue to travel should be expected.

Parking lot by Cheakamus LakeLindsay Wynne

After two years of working as an Environtmental EIT, I’m ready for retirement…Well not quite but I have decided to embark on what will hopefully lead to a “once in a lifetime” adventure. Having had the travel bug instilled in me at an early age by my parents, I can hardly wait to get going again. For Greg and I it will a true test to see whether several months of biking, being confined in a train for days on end, and travelling in the heat/lack of personal space of Asia will drive us to insanity or make us that much stronger!

*Update Aug 2013 – I have been keeping an individual blog for the past several months about travels I have done in 2013. Check it out if you are interested in what I am up to now. Lindsay’s blog


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